Does the hostess of the event get a discount?

Please understand that unlike a direct sales business, this is a professional art service that is coming into your home or business. You are hiring a trained artist and licensed,board certified and registered art therapist.  Services includes: Instruction, time (including before, during, and after event), materials, and expertise of the instructor.

What if I can’t get the minimum number of guests?

There is a 10-20 guest minimum (depending on type of party). The cost is the same if you have under the minimum. *Anything above the minimum will be paid the day of the event.

Do you provide wine?

No. You provide the wine, food, people, and tables/chairs. I will come with all the supplies needed to create art! This includes, Instruction, Easels, canvases, paints, aprons, tablecloths, paints etc…Fun! *If an extra table or two is needed, I am happy to provide…Please let me know ahead of time if you should need an extra table.

What if I can’t paint a straight line?

So I say…paint it crooked! Seriously! No artistic experience is needed…I will show you step by step how to create your own unique piece of art. Besides, It is all about having fun, tapping into your creative side (and yes, you have one!) and enjoying life with friends! No rules, Just relax and Enjoy!

What do we paint?

You can choose a painting from my gallery or we can work together to choose a fun theme for your event! (*I have 20 years of themed party planning experience!) *You can choose canvases, wine/beer glasses or painted wood. You are welcome to send me ideas, paintings you like and or elements that you would like to include in the painting for a custom painting for your event. *Please note that custom paintings are an additional $50 or you can select one that is already created at no additional cost. Once a deposit is received, I can paint a unique work of art that I will teach you and your guests step by step!

What if I have to cancel my event for some reason?

Cancellations a month ahead of event, a full deposit can be given (minus $20 if flyer was created for your event). Cancellations up to two weeks before event can receive a 50% deposit.  Cancellations anytime after two weeks before your event, deposits are non- refundable.

What if some of my guests cancel and don’t come?

The cost cannot be refunded.  But they can transfer their seat to another artist or use the credit at another painting event within the next 60 days if they choose to host an event or go to another party.