Grape Canvas Parties is happy to help with your Not for profit organization. Art is a FUN and unique way to get people excited and raise money and awareness for a good cause!

*There is a MINIMUM OF 30 ARTISTS to hold a fundraising event.

*30+ guests, we will give back more than 10% ($35 per guest).
*40+ artists, we give back more than 20% off ($30 for each guest).
*60+ artists, we will give back more than 30% off ($28 for each guest) (canvases only for this option)

You Choose:

*Painting Canvases (You pick the painting!) (We can go 80+ guests for canvases!) OR…

*Each guest paints set of Two Wine Glasses (Wine glass events has a limit of 4o guests) (You select Two designs you would like us to teach!)

*Both options for fundraisers start at $40 and the percentage back to the cause begins at 30 guests.

So, It’s important to Pack the House!…The more guests you have, the more money per guest is returned to your cause!

General Fundraising Info:

**You Pre-sell tickets to your event

*If you have less than 30 attendees, it will be at regular cost ($40 per person). *We absolutely must stand by the 30 person minimum to give money back to your cause*

*We do charge Distance/travel fees 15 + miles from Fishkill, for Fundraisers, however, we try our best to help your not-for-profit, buy reducing this (Beginning at $75+ depending on location).

*There is a required non-refundable deposit of $150. for fundraising events paid at time of booking. However, this deposit is not on top of the cost but is deducted from the total amount due the day of your event.

**It is Extremely important for event organizers to offer additional incentives to increase the funds raised. Some Examples are: Themes, food/drinks, raffles, vendor booths,  etc to help raise the ticket price for your cause.  Also, it is crucial for the fundraising organizer to PUBLICLY PROMOTE the event to raise registrations. We can help create a flyer for sharing on social media, email, and to print and distribute and we will also help promote your event via social media.  We have many years of fundraising experience, and are happy to work with you to share ideas about how to optimize attendance!

You provide the tables, chairs and people…We bring all the materials needed from tablecloths to paints, easels, canvases, music and FUN!

TESTIMONIALS:    “My friends and I had the best time at a Grape Canvas party! It was well organized, the instructor Michelle was top notch and very patient for us rookie artists! We were pleased with our paintings and loved seeing everyone else’s renditions! Sipping wine throughout the process was the icing on the cake! Can’t wait to attend another party!!”   ~Casey C.

“Had a private lesson and went to a party..Michelle is FABULOUS !!!!!!!”   ~Frannie C.