There are so many wonderful articles out there about self awareness, mindfulness, and gratitude.

I have been working on my own mindfulness practices each day. I enjoy looking (and photographing) things I notice in my daily travels.  I get reminders all the time from nature about slowing down and being truly grateful.  No, it’s not always easy. Especially with so much negativity in the world and even in our own minds.  However, to acknowledge these feelings, and start again, that is the gift that is our intention.

I want to speak about what I am referring to as  Art with Intention.

According to Merriam-Webster, intention is:

A determination to act a certain way: resolve; what one intends to do or bring about; the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered; a process or manner of healing incised wounds.

**Knowing what we intend for ourselves and for our world is the first step in making our intentions a reality and making changes for the better for ourselves and for the world around us. Everything is sublimely connected.**

Creating art with intention is not just for artists! In fact, everyone has creativity and the ability to mindfully express our own unique intentions. The lesson here is to be aware of any negative, self-critical thoughts or worries. Acknowledge them, and then move past to the next steps…

❧ Get outside. Being near nature is so helpful in getting in touch with ourselves and our relation to the world.  Feel the breeze on your skin. Smell the scents in the air. What sounds do you hear? Notice the details all around you (big and small!)

❧ Now…Take several deep breaths. With each inhale and exhale, you will think of things you are grateful for and things that you wish for in your heart.

❧ Use ANY materials you are comfortable with.  *I love to use old wood, old book pages or even cardboard or stones…pens, paint, pastels….It’s ALL GOOD!

❧ Here’s the part that can be tricky for some…LET GO of your thoughts that tell you to draw a certain way or to draw “well”.  Just begin by moving your hand and letting your hand guide you! The truth is…There are NO rules and NO judgements of yourself! What it looks like is not the be all end all…It’s you getting in touch with your creativity, your own intentions and letting it BE what it will BE!

❧ You can find words on the page that you connect with and circle them, you can use shapes in the wood to inspire you, you can write your own words, create your own shapes, designs or use what you are seeing or feeling at this very moment to lead you.  Do what feels right.

What are your intentions? They are yours and they matter, and they can change your world!  Breathe and focus on putting them back out to all that is around you and all of the universe!  When your mind starts to wander and think of things other than your intentions, acknowledge your wandering mind, smile, and reel it back in. ❤


My intentional art today…Thinking of a new challenge ahead of me and what my outcome will be!


Intention: BE LOVE.