more-than-paint-party When a Paint Party is More than a Paint Party

Sipping and painting, painting and sipping.  Looks fun. You have probably even been to one or are thinking about hosting one and maybe going to one soon.

But what really IS a paint party anyway?

At Grape Canvas Parties, I like to think of art and friendship as a way to enrich our lives and our souls! Art and friendship naturally connects people in a very unique way.  Museums have attracted art lovers for centuries. People have longed to put paint to surface for expression and vision since time began. Why are people so connected to creating and sharing these experience with others? It’s the instinctive desire to be creative that is in ALL of us. To feel Better.

Just imagine…Gathering with friends you can laugh with, a favorite beverage in hand, in a place you can truly relax and just soak in creative vibes and bliss! You thought painting was just fun (and it is!) but it truly is much deeper. Being able to express yourself visually and with an instructor who encourages each person’s unique creative style is fun, but also…LIFE ENHANCING.

Think of being in your favorite restaurant, pub or your own backyard. Maybe on a patio that makes you take a deep breath and say, “ahhhh” every time you sit down there.  That’s it! That’s what a paint party is….Actually, taking the time to do something fun, creative and relaxing. Taking time to connect with friends & FEED YOUR CREATIVE SOULS.

People often say to me, “This is such good therapy!” or “I am so excited, I want to do more art now!”

I know first hand, and have created with hundreds of people…Art is healing, it’s fun, it’s addictive, and inspiring. So get some friends together and Let’s Create Something! I have been told Grape Canvas Parties are unique in the approach, patience, and we offer you the opportunity to paint something YOU desire in a place YOU can relax.

Peace, Love & Live Inspired!