cantpaintEver tell yourself you can’t do something? Sure, we all have. Well, the truth is…If you say you CAN’T do something, you WON’T.  When it comes to creativity, often times people who haven’t pursued art in many years (often since childhood) feel intimidated. They may think this is an area that is reserved only for children or the elite group of people who were “born this way” or went to art school.

I am here to tell you, you CAN live a creative and inspired life! YOU, having had NO painting experience, ARE an artist and ARE creative! In fact, we are all born creative…Often in life, this creativity if not nourished and practiced, gets squelched and fades away.

You’re thinking…No way! You haven’t seen me try to draw! There it goes…Those little shadows of negative doubts that squelch your inner artist and desire to be creative.

So How Do I Begin?

Step 1) Every time you have a negative thought about yourself, your creativity, or your desire to do something new…STOP IT. Throw it out like the garbage it is! It’s no use to you, and won’t help feed your creative soul in any way.  Would you tell a child who was painting they were doing it all wrong? Their painting looked stupid? No, of course not. Show this same compassion to YOURSELF.

Step 2) DO SOMETHING! I mean be brave. Be more free and child like. Try something new. Get outdoors, look, smell and feel nature. Then, find one thing you want to paint and go for it! You can paint/experiment alone or gather some friends for some creative FUN!

Step 3) Do not compare yourself to others or criticize what you do. You are not Bob Ross, or Picasso or DaVinci…You are YOU! Be kind to yourself, be proud that you are being creative, and Remember…If you don’t begin, you will never start!

As a visual artist, an art therapist, and art instructor, I make it my life’s passion to engage people creatively and express themselves through their art….That is THEIR art….No right, No wrong. Your art is all YOURS. I always say...IT is what IT is.

Wishing you Peace, Love and an Inspired Life!